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If you’re dreaming of opening a restaurant, here are the most popular foreign cuisines likely to work in India

If you’re dreaming of opening a restaurant, here are the most popular foreign cuisines likely to work in India
A recent survey revealed that Indians love food so much that they refuse to go on a diet. Now, another study has shown exactly what they love besides the usual Indian and Chinese — and their gastro choices are impressive. 
A survey by YouGov asked over 25,000 people globally about their most liked ones from the 34 national cuisines based on if they’ve tried and liked it, ranking the most popular ones around the world. 
Italian food including pizza and pasta beat all the other cuisines in the world as the most popular foreign cuisine, followed by Japanese. 
In India, too, over 80% of those surveyed have a liking for Italian food, but there were some other surprising entries. Here’s the full list of what’s most popular in India:
Though Italian food is most liked by Italians, Spaniards, and the French, Indians also agree with this most-liked cuisine around the world. With the number of pizza and pasta chains mushrooming in Indian metros, this comes as no surprise.
Indians love Chinese cuisine as much as the rest of the world, scoring nearly 78% fans. While India has had its own take on Chinese with its ethnic Indo-Chinese food, a lot of authentic Chinese dishes have also been seen in Indian metros. Chinese food, it turns out, is the least popular in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.
While American food ranks third on the list for Indians, It is also warmly received by the Philippines people, than it is among its natives, followed by Singapore.
Of the average liking from 70% people across 24 countries, the respondents from the US, Philippines and Norway have the most love for Mexican dishes.
French cuisine is liked as much by Indians as the rest of the world at 70%. Aside from France, the cuisine is most popular in the Philippines, Singapore and Sweden.
Globally, the British cuisine is not so popular, preferred by only 50% of people around the world. Outside Britain, it is most popular in Singapore.
Around 65% of those surveyed in India said they like Thai food. Being the immediate neighbour to Singapore and Malaysia, Thai food is also most common in these two countries.
More than half of the Indian respondents said they have a liking towards Emirati cuisine. Most popular in Taiwan and Saudi Arabia, the cuisine has an overall popularity at just 37% globally.
While the liking for Singaporean cuisine among Indians stood at 62%, outside its own country, it is a hit among Australian people with 75% liking it, followed by Hong Kong.


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