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My Request

6th Nov 2013

Umbrellas were once the most misplaced personal accessory, and if you found one, you had to be a psychic to locate its owner.

Today cell phones seem to have taken over from umbrellas as the most commonly lost item . But a stray cell phones, should also be the easiest thing to return to its owner since it stores a list of numbers you can call. All you need is basic honesty and concern for others. With that in mind that it is not the phone the loser is going to loose but lot of information and business he has lost with his phone.  It may be a small gain for you but it is a huge loss for him. It may be for you also if you loose your mobile.

My request is just return the mobile to the user and you are definitely bound to get a good friend for you for your life which will be more valuable for you than the gain you will get by keeping that mobile with you.

 I will also like to quote a study by the readers digest made long back, where they deliberately left 30 mobiles at various places to see how honest the people were and they were surprised to find that out of 30 people who found the mobiles 24 people returned it back, unknowingly to claim a gift.

Just to convey, Indians are to a great extent are honest people. So I hope my readers too would  keep this honour of being Basically Honest People.

 Remember it if you are keeping  a mobile with you, once in your life you too are bound to loose it, and you will remember what I am saying today. It is not a loss of just a mobile but a great personal loss. Which you should not force other to loose like you lost that day. I lost valuable Photographs of my children the memories of their child hood.

                                                                                                                                                Akshay Sadana



It is a great thing you have done. Residents of  ghaziabad really needed a website of their own.I have specially liked yout placing time table of trains comming to and leaving from Ghaziabad.

                                                                                                                                                    Sunil Kumar