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About Us

Sadana Publishers & Distributors came in existence in the Year 1990 when they started working on the All India Dairy Business Directory (Dairy Year Book) that was released in 1993-94.
Till now Sadana Publishers have released Six Year Books and are now working on the7th book 1.e.  5th edition of All India Dairy Business Directory (Dairy Year Book-2014)
One after the other every book has been a masterpiece adding more and more contents in the book. Every book swelled with contents with increasing number of pages as a result last book 2014 was a huge compendium of 1900+ pages.
Readers found the 4rh issue to be too bulky and as per the need of readers now the new 2014 book is going to be a 2 Volume book supported with buyers guide on CD.
We are also providing exposures to our readers through our website and our associate website
We are thankful to our readers and our advertisers for their continuing support which encouraged us to bring the better book every time we brought the new issue.
We trust our coming addition will also get the same acceptance and support from our readers and advertisers.
I once again take the privilege  of  thanking to our readers and advertisers for their trust and support extended to us during all the years.

Vijay Sadana